RapidWeaver and RapidBlog

I have begun to use RapidWeaver as web development tool. Although it is only available for Mac, I did not find any similar tool for Linux or even Windows. RapidWeaver works and looks like iWeb, the Apple web-site tool in the iLife package. It is very easy to create a web site with navigation bar, blog, picture gallery, etc. It supports themes, which are actually stylesheet packages including background images and the like.

RapidWeaver also supports Add-on. There is one interesting add-on I have found: RapidBlog. This add-on extends the blogging module of RapidWeaver with synchronization of a Google Blogger (Blogspot) account. This is very nice since it allows you to write your blog posts online on any web browser and system, using the Blogger web interface. But you can still write and manage your posts in the RapidWeaver application.

Now, there is one interesting question: Does RapidBlog automatically synchronize the Blog when you write a new post on the Google Blogger web interface or do you need to run the sync within RapidWeaver manually?

Update: Yeah, this works automatically! Thanks to the PHP script, this site automatically includes the latest posts from the original Blogspot site.